Giving Back via Fashion

With yesterday's earthquake in Chile only further proving that the world is in an apparent state of catastrophic upheaval, why not become charitably involved in providing aid to these grief stricken areas; by shopping.
Lauren Bush, supermodel, designer and founder of the amazing company, FEED, believes in nothing more, nothing less. And once again she via FEED has teamed up with Rugby, by Ralph Lauren to create a limited-edition FEED Haiti bag. While there is nothing yet in place for Chile at this time, the atrocious number of casualties in Haiti are begging for help now, and at 35$ a bag, they do a lot for very little. In keeping with the FEED Projects' mission of providing school lunches for children around the world, the purchase of this bag will provide 50 school meals for Haitian kids. An imperative service during a time when relief effort are barely covering Haitian's basic needs. It's useful, fashionable and brilliant, so why not get one, or two. Of course, every little bit helps, and surely you can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren.