New York Fashion Week 2010 is done and gone. London Fashion Week is rapidly coming to a close. Which means there are only two more shows left in the autumn/winter 'big four' to look forward to; Milan and finally Paris.
Though these annual events are world renowned and undeniable infamous, both inside and outside the fashion sphere, I imagine few know the historical backdrop from which they emerged. Additionally, I presume it is little known knowledge that the events of WWII played a heavy hand in bringing recognition to American designers. For despite the great talents of 40's American fashion, the kings and queens of the court were the French. Then in 1940, the Germans invaded France making travel to the Couture Capital of the world impossible. Therefore, in 1943 the first official fashion week in the US took place in New York City, however, then it was called Press Week. Thus, Fashion Week was born and with it came validation and prestige for American designers, who were previously overlooked by the industry that originated in France.
The early fashion gatherings inspired other cites to follow suit, and London, Paris and Milan were next to begin their own seasonal events.
Fast forward to today, and cities all around the globe have started their own events, and people from different backgrounds come together for a week in the grandest and most fashionable places in the world and share their love of beauty.